Gym and Spa Design and Planning

High quality, bespoke gym and Spa design solutions



We apply our gym design principles across the board. From start to finish, we have extensive experience in the design and layout of small and large training facilities. From personal trainer studios to independent clubs, to college and high school gyms, to hotels, sports clubs and to CrossFit boxes and smaller personal training studios, Delex Designs is the better option. We can also assist you in commercial equipment selection, outfitting and installation. Delex Designs does everything you need for your workout facility

Our Gym Design Process

With a wealth of experience, we are able to call upon different experts from within our team depending on your specific requirements. This allows us to provide an individually tailored proposal and an exceptional gym design service from start to finish.

1. Discuss Your Vision

Talk is cheap at Delex Designs, in fact it's free. Discuss your vision of your gym with one of our team to allow us to understand your unique requirements.

2. Design Your Gym

Our gym design experts will take your requirements from the initial discussion and create 3D visual designs to allow you to see exactly what your gym will look like.

3. Deliver and Install

After your bespoke gym design and equipment layout has been signed-off we can deliver and install your new gym equipment at a time that suits you best.

We like to offer you a personal service, which is different for each individual based on your requirements. Therefore, we would ideally like to come and visit you for an initial discussion so we get a grasp of your vision. We find the more we understand about your plans, the better advice our gym design professionals can give you. We will talk to you about business models, budget, gym equipment requirements and the design of your gym facility.

Gym Interior

The importance of atmosphere

Market research has shown that a facility's atmosphere has a significant impact upon a potential client's decision to become a member. Psychological wellbeing is closely linked to environmental factors, such as light, colors, and a relaxing environment.From fitness clubs and corporate gyms, to hotels, spas and medical centers, it's always important to create a relaxing, natural environment that's as welcoming as possible.

Interiors designed with care

The various areas should all be carefully designed in order to make the user feel at ease and enjoy their surroundings. Quiet environments and relaxation areas can help people socialize, and can contribute to the wellness and comfort of all the facility's users, and this is precisely what our Wellness Design Service aims to achieve.
We offer advice on:

  • Wall color based on the atmosphere you want to create
  • Floor color and material
  • Color personalization to match your fitness equipment
  • Visual communication tools for the installation area in accordance with the Wellness philosophy
  • Multi-sensory and aesthetic elements applied to the materials
  • Efficient partitioning of the available space
  • Interior floor plan layout
  • Decor


Gym and Spa Decor


There is a particular balance that is required when designing a gym's or spa's decor. Too busy and bold will make your gym or spa feel small and crowded. Too clean and neutral will make it look boring and lifeless.We utilise subtle design techniques to bring your gym or spa to life, without overcrowding it. We take into consideration equipment position and the nature of each zone when designing gyms. Different zones evoke different atmospheres; therefore the decor of each zone should reflect that atmosphere, while keeping continuity throughout your gym. At our furniture department we stock or make various types of decors that can be used in Gyms.




Delex Designs provides business advisory, consulting, design, wellness concepts, project planning, development and management services for Spa When you choose Delex Designs to help develop your spa design and build project, you will be utilising our considerable expertise. Our services include creating concepts, detailed spa designs, commercial development as well as brand development and marketing. We have a philosophy of developing lasting, long term relationships at Delex Designs. We're as dedicated to your success as you are.

By working closely with our spa experts, you can create a complete spa solution that will work in luxury hotels or high end residential developments. With flexible spa consultancy, we can guide you through all the steps required to make your dream vision a reality.



Determining the vision, philosophy and design brief that best suits your spa.


Bringing the vision to life with our project team, architect and interior designer.


Developing and reviewing a financial model for potential income and costs.


Ensuring all the key operational elements of the spa are implemented and tested prior to opening.

We will offer extensive training to your staff so that they understand everything before the Spa is open to customers.