LED Furniture & LED Decor Rentals


Delex Designs offers you a wide range of illuminated furniture, flowerpots, light up tables and chairs, decorative LED cube, and LED balls, light up chandeliers and light up decoration that is suitable for any occasion like wedding, birthdays, corporate events, exhibitions, big productions shows, concerts, festivals etc. Check out our light up furniture rentals for events and light up your life.


Wedding Furniture & Decor

Create your dream wedding with high quality and stylish LED furniture and Decor from Delex Designs. Your guests will experience comfort and style during your ceremony and be dazzled during reception. Get Inspired by contacting us for more details!


Corporate Events

Delex Designs is your smart choice for plush and luxurious seating for your corporate event. Our selection of our LED furniture will create an ambience your guests will remember for years. Contact us and get inspired now!


Furniture & Decor Rental for Event Planners

Do you want to consistently impress your clients? Whether you‐re planning a wedding, party or a corporate event, we'll save you time and ensure you exceed your client‐s expectations. Contact us today to get acquainted with one of our design consultants.